20 Beautiful Spots To See The Cherry Blossom In Vancouver

Cherry blossom in Vancouver

Each spring, Vancouver streets and parks turn pink as cherry blossoms bloom all across the city. In this guide, I’m sharing the best places to see the cherry blossom in Vancouver, along with tips on how to check when they’re blooming and photography ideas.

Nicknamed ‘Raincouver’ by locals, it’s no secret that Vancouver sees its fair share of rain through the winter months. Yet, each spring as the rainy season fades, residents are rewarded with a beautiful display of colour as Vancouver’s cherry blossom trees burst into pink and white blooms.

Over 40,000 cherry trees bloom between March and May each year across the city. There are over 50 different cultivars, from the pale pink Akebono Cherry which flowers early in the season, to the dark pink Kanzan Cherry which blossoms around mid-April.  

There are so many beautiful places to photograph the cherry blossom in Vancouver. From Stanley Park and Burrard Station downtown to the residential streets of Kitsilano, here are 20 of my favourite spots to see Vancouver’s cherry blossom trees.

Cherry Blossom Vancouver
Vancouver cherry blossom
Cherry Blossom Vancouver


Here are the prettiest, most instagrammable cherry blossom spots in Vancouver. As they bloom at different times, I’ve ordered them from earliest to latest to make sure you don’t miss out. These dates will vary from year to year but hopefully this gives you an idea of when to visit these locations.

1. Yew & 22nd

Blooming: March 17th – April 4th

This may be one of Vancouver’s most instagrammable spots in spring. West 22nd is lined with beautiful blossoms which span almost 8 consecutive blocks. The best place to admire this row of blossoms is from Yew and 22nd which is slightly elevated and gives you the perfect view. To achieve the compressed look below, use a telephoto lens (70 – 200mm or 70 – 300mm). 

2. Vine & 20th – 22nd

Blooming: March 17th – April 4th

Yew and 22nd is one of the most popular spots to photograph cherry blossom in Vancouver so it can be very crowded. However, just one block away lies another lovely blossom location. Stretching from Vine and 20th to 22nd, this spot is lined with bright pink Kanzan cherry trees and is often much quieter than its neighbour.

3. Kitsilano Tennis Courts

Blooming: March 22nd – April 4th

Kitsilano has a number of beautiful cherry blossom trees. Head to the tennis courts on Arbutus early on in the season and you’ll find a few Somei-Yoshino trees. This little spot doesn’t flower for long but when it’s in full bloom it’s very picturesque.

4. Vancouver City Hall

Blooming: March 22nd – April 6th

Located at Yukon and 11th, City Hall is an underrated spot to photography the cherry blossom in Vancouver. There are serval cultivars of cherry trees dotted around the grounds, but the Accolade blossom on the north side provides a splash of colour to the City Hall’s grey walls. The contrast between the pink petals and the stone building makes for some beautiful shots.

Vancouver City Hall

5. David Lam Park

Blooming: March 26th – April 15th

David Lam Park in Yaletown is home to 100 Akebono cherry blossom trees which were planted in 2010 in commemoration of the Olympics. The park is lined with trees so there are plenty of places to take photos away from the crowds. One of the most instagrammable spots is on the path by the basketball courts. Here the trees provide a beautiful archway which you can stand under.

6. Marinaside Crescent

Blooming: March 26th – April 15th

A short walk from David Lam lies another great blossom spot – Marinaside Crescent. There is a row of Akebono cherry blossom trees which bloom around the same time as the ones in David Lam Park. The trees are planted along a path which leads to residential houses so please be respectful when taking photos and don’t trespass on their steps.

7. Coal Harbour Seawall

Blooming: March 26th – April 15th

The seawall along Coal Harbour has several Akebono trees which tend to bloom end of March. The mountain backdrop makes for some stunning photos on a clear day.

8. Georgia & Denman

Blooming: March 26th – April 15th

Continue towards Stanley Park and you’ll find several more Akebono cherry blossom trees on the corner of Georgia and Denman. These trees are next to a pool in a privately owned public space. On a calm day you can get some lovely shots of the trees reflected in the water below.

9. Burrard Skytrain Station

Blooming: March 26th – April 15th

This is one of my favourite places to see the cherry blossom in Vancouver. The Akebono cherry trees line both sides of the path to the SkyTrain station, creating a beautiful archway of blossom. It’s a popular spot on a normal day with commuters coming and going, but the pale pink blossom draws bigger crowds during the cherry blossom season. I recommend going early in the morning (7 – 8am) to try to get the path to yourself.

10. Vanier Park

Blooming: March 27th – April 14th

Another lovely yet underrated Vancouver cherry blossom spot. Head to the Museum of Vancouver and you’ll find some beautiful Akebono cherry trees both in front and behind the building. The trees line the path which traces the museum and creates some wonderful photography opportunities to capture the delicate pink blossom against the museum’s white stone exterior.

11. Lagoon Drive at Stanley Park

Blooming: March 28th – April 18th

There are several clusters of blossom trees in Stanley Park, in particular near the Rose Garden and along pathways leading to the Japanese War Memorial. However, one of the prettiest spots is on the edge of the Lost Lagoon. As you wander through Stanley Park look out for plum trees flowering among the cherry blossoms.

12. Granville Square near Waterfront Station

Blooming: March 28th – April 10th

If there’s only one place that you go to see the cherry blossom in Vancouver, make sure it’s this one. Located next to Waterfront Station (SeaBus terminal), this public plaza has a cluster of Akebono trees which create a pretty archway looking out to the North Shore mountains. The trees are planted close together so when you’re under them there is a canopy of blossom. It’s the ideal spot to get some headshots against the pale pink petals.

13. UBC Lower Mall

Blooming: 29th March – April 13th

There are over 20 different cultivars of cherry blossom around UBC’s Vancouver campus. A lot of people head to Nitobe Memorial Garden where there are several colourful cherry trees scattered across the grounds. However, you can also find a stunning canopy of Somei-yoshino trees at the Lower Mall. The university has installed some photo frames in front of some cherry blossom trees to help people enjoy the blossoms. Find out more on their website.

14. Creekside Park on Granville Island

Blooming: March 29th – April 10th

Like Vanier Park, Creekside Park is another underrated spot to see the cherry blossom in Vancouver. Head to Granville Island and wander up the steps to Creekside Park where you’ll find a row of Akebono trees lining the path. These trees provide photographers with the chance to get some creative shots of the blossom framing Burrard Bridge and the city skyscrapers.  

15. Queen Elizabeth Park

Blooming: April 1st – April 18th

It would be amiss not to include Queen Elizabeth Park on this list. The park is home to a number of cultivars which bloom at different times throughout March and April. There are several Akebono trees to the right of the entrance at Cambie & 33rd. The park also hosts Cherry Blossom Festival events to teach the public more about cherry blossom in Vancouver.

16. Balaclava & 7th

Blooming: April 6th – April 15th

There are lots of cherry blossom trees in this residential area in Kitsilano but one of the prettiest displays can be found on Balaclava & 7th. There are a number of dark pink Kanzan trees which line both sides of the road. It is a busy residential street so try to go early to avoid traffic, or if you do go later in the day watch out for cars when taking photos from the road.

17. Burrard & 1st

Blooming: April 6th – April 21st

There is a pretty little row of Shirotae in front of some unqiue townhouses on 1st between Cypress and Burrard. The branches are quite low compared to other cherry blossom trees in Vancouver, so it’s a lovely spot to take photos in the blossom.

18. Pine & 3rd

Blooming: April 6th – April 21st

Cross Burrard Street and continue to Pine & 3rd and you’ll discover one of the prettiest spots to photography the cherry blossom in Vancouver. A long row of Kanzan cherry trees lines both sides of the street and actually stretches from Fir all the way to Burrard; however, the best spot to take photos is from Pine & 3rd. Aim to go around sunset on a clear sunny day as the sun sets behind the trees, creating a beautiful warm glow that illuminates the petals.

19. Yew & 3rd

Blooming: April 6th – April 30th

At the beginning of April, the bright pink Kanzan cherry trees along Yew Street burst into colour. Head to Yew & 3rd and you’ll get a picturesque view looking down the street with the mountains in the background.

20. Kitsilano Pool

Blooming: April 8th – April 30th

And finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the lovely Kanzan cherry trees behind Kitsilano Pool. They tend to bloom at the same time as those on Yew Street and create a canopy over the pathway. With the city and mountains directly behind the trees, you have a plenty of opportunities to get creative!


Location details

You’ll find all of the places listed in this article on my map below. To save this map, click on the star on the right hand side of the title. This will save the map to “Your Places” in the Google Maps so you will have it when you visit Vancouver. 

How to know when the cherry blossoms are blooming

As I mentioned earlier, there are 50 varieties of cherry blossom trees which bloom at different times from March to May. While the dates listed above give you an indication of when they usually bloom, it varies each year due to a number of factors, including weather and temperature.

Luckily, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival has created an amazing map. Not only does it mark all the spots where you can find cherry blossom in Vancouver, it also includes the dates they’re in flower. This information is updated regularly during the season so you don’t have to worry about turning up to a location only to find the blossom has already gone over!

Cherry blossom etiquette

Many of these locations are in quiet residential areas. As much as we all want to enjoy the blossoms, please be respectful when taking photos. Don’t trespass on someone’s property or block footpaths when taking photos. If you are venturing into the road to get photos, make sure you check for cars and cyclists and move quickly so you don’t hold up traffic.


I hope this guide was helpful and inspires you to get out and find the cherry blossom in Vancouver. Of course, this is just 20 of the best spots and there are so many more to discover in East Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond.

If you’re looking for more things to do in and around Vancouver, I’ve written a guide to Vancouver’s best Instagram spots to help you find some of the city’s most photogenic locations. For more outdoor inspiration, I’ve written a post on the best hiking trails near Vancouver, including Panorama Ridge, St Mark’s Summit, and Watersprite Lake.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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