Fleece & Hide

Fleece & Hide is a Vancouver-based brand which merges traditional techniques with modern design. They work with independent artisans in Mexico to make small batches of their colourful handcrafted boots. 

Relying on traditional craftmanship, Fleece & Hide work with a small group of weavers from the state of Chiapas. These weavers are part of the Tzotil Indigenous Maya people and have been making handwoven textiles for centuries. The boots are then made by a small family run workshop in Leon, Mexico’s shoemaking capital. 

The brand launched in 2020 and approached me to produce imagery to promote their new products. I provided them with a range of photos showcasing their La Reina and El Clásico Chelsea boots in an urban setting, using the city’s bright murals to create warm and colourful images to align with their brand. These images have been used across their website and on their social media channels.